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Donate to the PNM

The People’s National Movement is no ordinary party; we are a rally and a Movement for All. 

The secret of this great institution’s success has always been its symbiotic relationship with the ordinary citizens of Trinidad and Tobago – the PNM cares for the people, and the people take care of the PNM.

Your donation to this party funds our:

  • Activities
  • Staff 
  • Publications
  • Advertisements
  • Campaigns

It helps us to mobilize our members, assist the under-privileged and maintain Balisier House- that bastion which stands as a proud testament to the resilience of the oldest, most successful and organized political party in this country- the People’s National Movement. 

Your donation serves as tangible evidence of your commitment to a modern, organized, progressive and prosperous Trinidad and Tobago; and your recognition that our success as a nation is linked inextricably with that of the People’s National Movement.

It’s easy to donate! Choose the method that suits you best:

  1. By cheque to “The People’s National Movement” – mail or deliver to Balisier House, #1 Tranquility Ave., POS. 
  2. By direct deposit or online transfer to First Citizens Bank.
    Account Name: People’s National Movement,
    Account Number: 2610422
  3. By cash delivered directly to Balisier House, #1 Tranquility Ave., POS.

Remember – you’re free to donate as much and as often as you like – the PNM thanks you, and is always grateful for your love and support!