Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries


  • Hosted the Spotlight on Energy which revealed the revenue leakage from the Natural Gas Industry
  • Negotiated enhanced revenues for T&T from Gas of TT$6.5B over the period 2018 to 2027
  • Finalized new LNG marketing arrangements, resulting in additional revenues for T&T of TT$800M per year
  • Settled the long outstanding Gas Royalty issue with BP, resulting in revenue for T&T of $500M
  • Settled a long outstanding Gas Sales Agreement with Shell, resulting in Gas at a preferential price for T&T
  • Increased Natural Gas Production from 3.3 bscfd in 2016 to approximately 3.8 bscfd in 2018
  • Facilitated TT$60B in capital investment in the Energy Sector from 2016 to 2019
  • Facilitated the drilling of a significant number of exploration wells, adding to new discoveries of oil and gas, increasing oil reserves by over 700%
  • Facilitated new gas production from various platforms and fields totalling 1.3 bcfd


Petrotrin was successfully restructured in 2018, giving way to Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Limited (TPHL), which yielded the following positive outcomes:

  • Heritage, the upstream subsidiary of TPHL made a profit of TT$1.4B in 2019, compared to the former Petrotrin’s annual $2B loss
  • Heritage increased oil production back to 2018 levels
  • Heritage paid the Government over TT$800M in royalties, levies and taxes
  • TPHL/Heritage successfully refinanced a USD $850M (TTD $5.8B) Bond taken out by Petrotrin, which was due for repayment in August 2019, without a Government guarantee
  • Paria Trading Company, another new subsidiary, successfully supplied the local market without any disruption in the availability of fuel and returned a profit of TT $100M in its first year
  • Ensured uninterrupted supply of LPG and Bitumen to the local market
  • Government accepted an offer from Patriotic Energies, a company wholly owned by the OWTU, for the sale and purchase of the Pointe-a-Pierre Refinery


The 2017 and 2018 Ryder Scott Audits showed an increase in T&T’s gas reserves, after decreases from 2014 to 2016, creating investor confidence


  • Venezuela: Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela reached an agreement 2019 to cancel the Unitization agreement and to separately develop the reserves in each country
  • Barbados: A MOU was signed with Barbados to collaborate on energy exploration matters.
  • Guyana: An MOU was signed with Guyana to cooperate in the energy sector
  • Ghana: Agreement was reached with Ghana for further cooperation in the energy sector


130MW Renewable Energy Solar projects, on a Build, Own, and Operate Basis, awarded to a consortium of Lightsource Bp, BPTT and Shell to build two solar energy plants with a capital investment of US$123 Million (TT$835M) – will satisfy our commitment to the Paris Agreement.