Ministry of Works and Transport

During the period 2015 to 2020, the Ministry of Works and Transport engaged in a substantial infrastructure upgrade programme, restarted failed projects such as the Point Fortin Highway, which was stalled under the previous Government, improving highways and main roadways by adding additional lanes, straightening and widening, and generally improving driving conditions.

Some major projects include the new Curepe Interchange, which was completed and opened to traffic in 2020, at a saving in cost to taxpayers of over $200M. This major highway upgrade project, which included the removal of all of the traffic lights along the Valsayn stretch of the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway, has already significantly alleviated traffic in the Curepe and Valsayn areas.

We also completed Pedestrian Walkovers in:

  • Sea Lots
  • Diego Martin
  • Cipriani Labour College/Valsayn

With several other Walkovers in progress.

In addition, over 400 major infrastructure upgrade, paving and road widening projects were completed throughout the length and breadth of Trinidad under the Programme for Upgrading Road Efficiency and well as a further 200 road projects under the Highways Division.

33 major bridge construction and landslip projects completed across Trinidad.


  • Completion of Pt. Fortin Highway from San Fernando to Point Fortin – scheduled for full completion at the end of 2020
  • Churchill Roosevelt Highway Extension to Manzanilla
  • Valencia to Toco Single Lane Highway
  • Widening of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway
  • Road rehabilitation and slope stabilisation on the Moruga Road to upgrade to first class standard.
  • Water Taxi Walkover in Port of Spain
  • 200 additional major road upgrade projects under the Programme for Upgrading Roads Efficiency and Highways Division throughout Trinidad
  • 55 bridge major construction and landslip repair project throughout Trinidad
  • Diego Martin Overpass project
  • San Fernando Waterfront/Lady Hailes Avenue Upgrade


  • The M.V. Galleons Passage passenger/car ferry was acquired for the inter-island sea-bridge
  • The modern Jean de Valette Fast Ferry was leased, providing excellent, fast and comfortable sea transport to and from Tobago for passengers and cars
  • Two new state of the art Fast Passenger/Car Ferries are being built in Australia and will be delivered by the end of 2020
  • The new Toco Ferry Port is being designed
  • Construction of the new Moruga Fishing Port has commenced


  • Over 500 major river desilting and river clearing projects were completed with another 250 desilting projects in progress
  • A number of important pumps and sluice gates in flood prone areas have been replaced with new equipment
  • A comprehensive National Drainage Plan is being prepared
  • A series of flood mitigation and erosion control projects are in progress
  • A National Programme for the Upgrade of Drainage Channels, Flood Mitigation and Drainage Infrastructure Rehabilitation Projects is in progress


  • A new automated U-Turn/Ticketing System is in place
  • The Licensing Office is being modernized and all processes dealing with motor vehicle registration and licensing and drivers’ tests and permits are going online
  • Electronic Vehicle Inspection System is being rolled out
  • Online Certified Copy of Ownership Request and Delivery is active
  • With respect to public transport, 300 new buses are being acquired to augment the PTSC fleet with the aim of having 500 operational buses at any given time