Our Achievements 2015-2020 and Projects and Programmes 2020-2025

The PNM Government’s policies are guided by our National Development Strategy 2016-2030, also called Vision 2030, an evolution of the PNM’s original Vision 2020, which is available online on the website of the Ministry of Planning and Development, here.

The PNM’s development agenda is also guided by our 2015 General Elections Manifesto which was adopted by Government as official government policy. Our forward looking and innovative 2015 Manifesto can be found by clicking here.

The vast majority of the projects and programmes referred to in our 2015 Manifesto are still relevant and will be actively pursued in the 2015-2020 Term, with appropriate adjustments for changed circumstances, new policies or new initiatives.

In addition, there are detailed policy documents and records of achievements, projects, plans and programmes under the PNM over the period 2015-2020 on the website of each Ministry and Government Agency, access to which can be found on the TTConnect Portal at: ttconnect.gov.tt

These policies, programmes and achievements run into the hundreds of pages.

Going forward, the detailed Phase 2 Report of the Roadmap to Recovery Committee, which will be published soon, will guide us and the country over the next 5 years and beyond.

A PowerPoint Presentation on the interim Phase 1 Report of the Committee can also be found on our live PNM website at: pnmtt.live/download/post-covid19-roadmap/

Most, if not all, of the recommendations in the Roadmap to Recovery Phase 1 Report have already been implemented by the PNM Government.

Accordingly, so as not to make this Manifesto unnecessarily long, we ask that you visit the TTConnect Portal, which has links to every Ministry, with full details of everything we have done over the last 5 years, and view and inspect our 3 major Policy Documents, namely:

  • Vision 2030 Development Strategy
  • PNM 2015 Manifesto
  • Reports of the Roadmap to Recovery Committee

To save time, and to start to move us into the digital age, we have selected the following 5 Ministries, to give you a sense of some important PNM achievements and plans, and everything else can be found in our 3 major Policy Documents, on the websites of our Ministries and in this Manifesto.