The PNM government remains committed to the holistic and sustainable development of Tobago.

Sustainable development is fundamental to improving the standard of living and quality of life of Tobagonians. Tobago is an integral part of our nation and has a very significant role to play as we seek to diversify the economy and reduce our dependence on the vagaries of the oil and gas industry. It is in this specific context that the development of Tobago’s tourism industry and the development of entrepreneurship in Tobago remains fundamental in our national development strategy. The PNM Central Government understands and respects the aspirations of the people of Tobago and will continue to work in a harmonious manner with the THA towards the development of Tobago.

It is this collaborative relationship between the THA and the Central Government that has seen Tobago benefit from a number of important projects and initiatives over the last five years. These include:

  • The Roxborough and Shirvan Police Stations
  • The Roxborough Administrative Plaza
  • The Roxborough Fire Station
  • The Roxborough Hospital
  • Renovation to the Dwight York Stadium
  • Desilting of the Hillsborough Dam

A significant number of these projects are located in east Tobago and addresses historical imbalances in Tobago’s development.

These projects saw development in south- west Tobago outstrip development in the eastern and the northern parts of the island. The collaboration between the THA and the Central Government has also resulted in sustainable solutions to the perennial problems of the sea bridge, with the lease of the Jean de la Valette, which currently works alongside the Cabo Star, the Galleons Passage and the T&T Spirit; and the purchase of two new passenger ferries from Australia scheduled to arrive later this year.

More recently, as part of our country’s COVID-19 response, cooperation between the Central Government and the THA on health policies has seen significant financial and technical resources made available to THA to aid in its management of COVID-19. In addition, financial resources were made available to Tobago to help in COVID-related support for hotels and guesthouses, as well as ancillary businesses in the tourism industry. Additionally, the Central Government has made financial resources available to residents through Self Help Commission, so Tobagonians can improve their communities as well as their living conditions.

Though much has been achieved, the matter of greater autonomy for Tobago still remains outstanding. Unfortunately, the Bill to grant Tobago self-government was before a Joint Select Committee of Parliament when the Parliament was dissolved.

Our commitment to Tobago’s autonomy remains and will be accorded the highest priority in the new term of Parliament.

We will leave no stone unturned to bring to fruition, the issue of self-government for the people of Tobago. We understand and respect the wishes of the people of Tobago for self- determination and to make the decisions that influence their daily lives. We are also committed to making the necessary financial and technical resources available to the THA for Tobago’s economic recovery after the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Building on our rich legacy, the Peoples National Movement remains committed to Tobago’s development.

Over the past five years, we have delivered on our promise to work towards the growth and development of the island and its people. In pursuit of these goals, we have supported and introduced a number of social and economic initiatives on the island. These include:


  • We established the Tobago Tourism Agency to spearhead the revitalisation of the tourism sector in Tobago
  • We rebranded Destination Tobago as: “Tobago Beyond Ordinary”, which won the island a silver award for “Best National Tourism Board Campaign” at the World Travel Market’s International Travel and Tourism Awards in 2019
  • We facilitated the collaboration between the Bureau of Standards and Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Industry Certification (TTTIC) programme, which will improve the service standards and professionalism in the tourism sector on the island
  • We collaborated with the THA on infrastructural upgrades in order to get Blue Flag Certification for two beaches on the island, hence improving our tourism product and promoting Tobago as an environmentally clean and safe tourism destination
  • We collaborated with the THA to facilitate more flights directly to Tobago from Canada through Sunwing operators, resulting in a year-on-year increase in international arrivals to Tobago
  • We upgraded and repaired the Magdalena Grand and Golf Resort and negotiated with a US-based travel and hospitality conglomerate to manage and operate the 198-room resort to help boost the island’s tourism
  • We expanded the Tourism Accommodation Upgrade Project which provides reimbursable grants for the improvement of tourist facilities, thereby giving additional financial support to Tobago’s guesthouses and hotels
  • We provided financial assistance to the Tobago Hotel Industry through a $50M grant to facilitate maintenance and upgrade works, with an additional $4M being allocated to auxiliary services as part of the overall response to the COVID-19 pandemic


  • We enhanced the governance arrangement between the THA and the Central Government by facilitating THA representation and participation on national bodies and committees with strategic importance to Tobago
  • We collaborated with the THA and the Inter- American Development Bank to help modernise the accounting systems of the THA through the adoption of the Public Financial Management (PFM) and Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS)
  • We granted approval for the THA to raise a $300 Million bond to finance selected capital developmental projects in Tobago
  • We facilitated the engagement of THA with multilateral agencies to provide financial and technical support for the development of Tobago
  • We collaborated with the THA and IDB on the development of THA Public-Private Partnership Programme


  • We assisted in diversifying and expanding Tobago’s economy through financial support for the Enterprise Assistance Grant Programme, the Enterprise Assistance Fund, the E-IDICOT and the Venture Capital Equity Fund Limited
  • We provided additional financial support to the tune of $5M to the Enterprise Assistance Grant Programme, the Enterprise Assistance Fund, as part of the COVID-19 response strategy on the island
  • We facilitated the participation of Credit Unions in Tobago in our Liquidity Support Programme, thereby making the programme more accessible to Tobagonians
  • We facilitated the provision of soft loans and a $30 million grant programme through NEDCO for SMEs in Trinidad and in Tobago, thereby providing additional financial support to Tobago businesses
  • We provided further support to SMEs in Trinidad and in Tobago through a $300M SME Stimulus Loan Programme
  • We facilitated the collaboration between national organisations such as EXPORTT, FashionTT and the Tobago House of Assembly for business development training to help Tobago entrepreneurs penetrate national and regional markets
  • We collaborated with the THA to facilitate the participation of Tobago entrepreneurs in several national, regional and international trade shows and investment conventions, hence helping them to become export-ready
  • We collaborated with THA to further support Tobago farmers and fishermen through the expansion of the Agriculture Incentive Programme by providing a grant facility of up to $100,000 through the National Agricultural Finance Support Programme
  • We collaborated with the THA on the provision of additional support to Tobago farmers through expansion of the Agriculture Access Road programme, giving farmers greater access to arable lands on the island


  • We collaborated with the THA to enhance youth development on the island through the participation in the national “40 under 40” mentorship programme and the L.E.E.A.P programme, creating more opportunities for Tobago’s young people to secure a brighter future
  • We refurbished the Dwight Yorke stadium
  • We collaborated with the THA to enhance and expand the availability of tertiary education in Tobago through the UTT and COSTAAT, in areas such as agriculture, natural resources management, food technology and nursing
  • We expanded the On-The-Job-Training (OJT) Programmebyadmittingmoreapplicants into the programme, providing a greater opportunity for tertiary graduates and school leavers in Tobago to acquire the necessary experience in their respective fields


  • We collaborated with the THA to provide financial support to Tobagonians through the National Commission for Self Help Limited to facilitate minor house repairs, construction, emergency relief and infrastructural development
  • We collaborated with the THA to provide additional social support through the issuance of 1,361 food cards; 1,300 Public Assistance Grants; 1,566 Salary Relief Grants and 500 Rental Assistance Grants, as part of the overall response to COVID-19 pandemic
  • We established a designated Family Court in Tobago, making it easier for Tobagonians to resolve family-related disputes on the island
  • We opened and operationalised the Children’s Authority Regional Office in Tobago to provide services, support, and protection for children on the island
  • We advocated legislation pertaining to children and domestic violence, thereby providing rights, support and protection for the vulnerable groups on the island
  • We provided support to Tobago NGOs through The Central Administrative Service Tobago NGO Grant Programme
  • We facilitated the enhancement of the housing stock in Tobago through the provision of financial Support for the Home Improvement Grant, Home Improvement Subsidy, Home Completion Programme, and the Beneficiary Owned Land Programme
  • We collaborated with the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) for the provision of $50m to assist with its response to COVID-19
  • We collaborated with the THA on the construction of the Roxborough Hospital to improve health services in windward Tobago
  • We collaborated with the THA to provide medical equipment to Tobago, such as a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machine, and the upgrading of Tobago labs to meet CARPHA certified standards, as well as ensuring the necessary training to Tobago health practitioners as part of the response strategy to the COVID-19 pandemic


  • We collaborated with THA on the Southwest Wastewater treatment plan, which will help preserve the pristine coastal environment
  • We enhanced water security on the island through upgrades of the Hillsborough dam and construction of new wells on the island
  • We enhanced internal public transport in Tobago through the provision of fifteen new buses
  • We collaborated with the THA to restructure the inter-island bridge to ensure stability through the expansion of capacity on the sea bridge by leasing the Cabo Star and Jean de la Valette, as well as purchasing of two brand new vessels
  • We advanced plans for construction of a new airport terminal at the ANR Robinson International Airport by completing the architectural design and sourcing funding for the project
  • We expanded the capacity of the Cove Power Plant by 20-megawatts to achieve a 95 megawatts supply on the island
  • We operationalised the Tobago Meteorological office at Crown Point Tobago


  • We reintroduced recruit training in Tobago by the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service, which is expected to increase the number of Tobagonians joining the Fire service and strengthening the human resource capacity on the island
  • We strengthened policing strategies on the island through the Tourism Oriented Policing Unit, which protects hotels, guesthouses and stakeholders in the Tobago tourism sector
  • We enhanced the security architecture on the island by completing the Old Grange Shirvan Police Station and the Roxborough Police Station
  • We enhanced security surveillance through the installation of CCTV cameras across the island
  • We strengthened border control on the island with the provision of Coast Guard High Speed Interceptors and Regular Patrols of the coastline
  • We constructed the Roxborough Fire Station, which is now at 83 percent complete and should be finished by July 2020
  • We improved the delivery of justice on the island by establishing a Director of Public Prosecutions office on the island


  • We collaborated with the THA on the banning of polystyrene foam products as part of a national eco-friendly strategy to maintain and preserve the island’s pristine natural environment


In the next Term the PNM will:

  • Support an Accelerated Housing Development Programme in Tobago, including Public-Private Partnerships and other funding initiatives
  • Provide reliable, affordable, and high-quality ferry and air-bridge services to facilitate movement between Tobago and Trinidad, particularly during peak periods and special events, along with improved facilities and services at the airport terminals and ports
  • Facilitate the construction of a new and modern airport Terminal at the ANR Robinson International Airport with all-weather loading bridges and the capacity to handle large jet aircraft out of Europe and the USA
  • Facilitate the upgrade of the existing airport Terminal at Crown Point
  • Collaborate with the THA to restructure the Air Bridge and Sea Bridge operations
  • Enhanced security and safety measures for Tobago, with priority given to the following projects
  • Facilitate a Tourism Security Action Plan
  • Implement an efficient and effective coastal surveillance programme
  • Construct modern Police Stations and Fire Stations at strategic locations in Tobago, such as Courland
  • Construct a Modern Correctional Facility at Hope
  • Support the THA in implementing an island-wide Waste Water Collection and Treatment Programme and Integrated Solid Waste Management Programme, including: remediation of the Studly Park landfill and related solid waste management operations that negatively impact the island’s ecosystem; establishment of a robust and comprehensive waste collection and recycling programme that will assist in the development of recycling businesses
  • Support the THA in meeting the needs for Post- Secondary and Tertiary Education in Tobago, including the establishment of the Tobago Training Agency (TTA) and upgrading the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI) to a full-fledged university
  • Support the THA in pursuing special initiatives to enhance the economic development of Tobago, including designating specific areas as Economic Development Zones at selected locations
  • Collaborate with the THA to formalize land rights in Tobago as a prerequisite for improved security of land tenure and sustainable development
  • Establish marinas at suitable locations in Tobago
  • Facilitate and support the THA in the establishment of dedicated cruise ship berths, capable of accommodating the Oasis Class vessels, the largest class of vessels today, thus enhancing Tobago’s competitiveness in the cruise industry while creating additional employment opportunities for Tobagonians
  • Facilitate and support the THA in the construction of an Industrial Port in Tobago, thus increasing marketing opportunities, lowering prices for consumers, and creating job opportunities for Tobagonians
  • Support the THA to invest in cheap, clean, sustainable energy technologies, which will improve energy efficiency, create sustainable employment opportunities, and reduce poverty and the effects of climate change
  • Facilitate and support the THA in the construction of an Industrial Port in Tobago, thus increasing marketing opportunities, lowering prices for consumers, and creating job opportunities for Tobagonians
  • Support the THA Regional Development and Revitalization Programme, which promotes balanced social and economic development throughout Tobago