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Mid Year Budget Review

The Peoples National Movement (PNM) commends Finance Minister Colm Imbert for the intelligence, strength and composure with which the mid year Budget Review was delivered.

Lifestyle changes are never easy and having the responsibility to deliver the measures necessary to keep our economy alive with such scope and openness is indeed commendable.

No one likes paying more taxes or paying more for gas but we are all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and we have a responsibility to stand up together and do what is necessary to keep our economy alive.

A responsible government is able to make decisions in the best interest of its citizens and the their future. The decisions taken by the government are for the greater good of our citizens and not for any individual’s personal or selfish gain.

This is where the words of our National Motto come to life ”together we aspire, together we achieve”.

Ronald Huggins
Public Relations Officer
Peoples National Movement