People's National Movement / Payment of Dues

Payment of Dues

Please help us to keep your Party active and growing.  Membership Dues are the main source of revenue of the Party. Thanks to your timely contributions, the Party is able to: 

  • Facilitate the day to day operations of Balisier House
  • Maintain a web site 
  • Organize and facilitate monthly welfare /outreach initiatives
  • Help members facing difficulties
  • Facilitate fundraisers to offset election expenses

Membership dues are as follows: 

  • Monthly – $10.00
  • Yearly – $120.00
  • Lifetime Membership – $5000.00 (one time payment)

Choose a payment method that best suits you:

  1. By cheque to “The People’s National Movement” – mail or deliver to Balisier House, #1 Tranquility Ave., POS. 
  2. By direct deposit or online transfer to First Citizens Bank.
    Account Name: People’s National Movement,
    Account Number: 2610422
  3. By cash delivered directly to Balisier House, #1 Tranquility Ave., POS

Once you have completed the above step, please send proof of payment to [email protected].

Thank you for your support!